Glossary of Terms

An index or list of terms used in our list services, and the definitions for those terms

The following list is an index of the terms and topics on this page:

404 Monitoring

We’ll monitor your site for 404 error notifications so we can quickly address any “Page Not Found” errors and make updates to your site before your search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience are affected.

Development Hours

From custom coding to configuring new plugins and adding content to your site, our team can help with making customizations to your WordPress site as your business grows.


A domain is the URL, or website name, the www. address you type into a browser. This should reflect your company name or brand. Ideally it would be the same as your company name, or as close as possible. Domain names can be bought at the same time as your web hosting.

Expert Consultation

Want to speak to someone who understands your website and gets where you want to take your business? Whether you need an expert to bounce ideas off of or help with long-term planning, let us be your partner.

Off-site Backups

We’ll regularly backup your entire website—files, databases, everything you’ll need if something goes wrong—and store it on a safe and secure off-site server that you can quickly and easily access any time in case of emergency.

Performance Optimization

Your website’s speed impacts every metric that matters—user experience, bounce rate, search ranking, page views, and conversions. Members regularly experience a dramatic boost in pagespeed after joining us. You can expect one, too.


Plugins are optional apps you install into WordPress to add extra features. If the core system doesn’t include a particular feature, you can add it with a plugin. Many plugins are free while others cost money. They can add huge scope to the capability of any website.

WordPress plugins can include web forms, video or audio players, security apps, firewalls, user features and a whole lot more.

Security Monitoring

We’ll continuously monitor your site for malicious code injections and other security threats. If our scans pick up anything suspicious, we’ll immediately alert you and repair any affected files.


Themes are a graphical layer you add to WordPress to make it attractive. They install alongside WordPress to give a website a completely new look. WordPress is a functional system with some basic themes. Professional developers create and sell third party themes that offer a wide array of features and looks. It is these we will look at in this piece.

Updates (WordPress core, plugins and themes)

With the latest versions of WordPress, plugins, and themes powering your site, you’ll have access to the latest features of your software—and protection against known security threats.

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll check the status of your site every minute—that’s 1,440 checks every day. If your site goes down we’ll monitor the situation and if there’s cause for concern we’ll start investigating.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is what makes the website accessible to your audience. You’re essentially renting space on a server with direct access to the internet. With hosting in place, people should be able to visit the website in the same way they do any other website.